The Real Reason You Secretly Don’t Like Your Job

  • Email follow up
  • Data entry
  • Pitching a client
  • More meetings
  • Gossipping
  • Being interrupted
  • Getting roped into some last minute work
  • Dealing with a problem customer
  • Conducting performance reviews
  • Writing case studies
  • Persuading coworkers to do it his way
  • Drafting a statement of work
  • Putting together a one-pager
  • Editing the same presentation for the 16th time
  • Killing time while looking busy
  • the majority of the verbs that fill your day
  • the people you’re around while enacting your verbs
  • the money you make verbing, or
  • the impact your verbs have on some outcome

Be careful hunting for nouns if all you really want is the verb



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Bassam Tarazi

Bassam Tarazi


Marketing Dude. Traveler. Author Burrito lover. Avid Leaper. TEDx Giver. Copiously curious. Regular blower of minds.