It seems like life is a constant battle for “enough.”

Are you working enough?

Are you resting enough?

Are you exercising enough?

Are you meditating enough?

Are you sleeping enough?

Are you traveling enough?

Are you volunteering enough?

Are you donating enough?

Are you saving enough?

Are you spending enough time with your spouse/kids?

Are you having enough fun?

In our hopes for full emotional orbit in all our endeavors, we often feel like we’re launching suborbital parabolas that peek into space, only to splash down unimpressively in the Atlantic shortly thereafter.

Bobbing in our capsule waiting for rescue, we…

“How are you?”

An innocuous question that 99% of the time is answered with either: good, great, fine, ok, busy, or tired.

But really, “how are you” when no one’s asking? What are the daily returns in the business of being you? Are there things that hold too much weight in how you think about yourself?

I’ve been there. I’m still “there” often, but what if we had a better way to protect ourselves from the spikes and drops of our confidence and disposition? What if it was all about diversification?

Diversi- what now?

When we hear the word “diversification” we usually think…

Do you have thoughts or do you create thoughts? These are the questions that fill my brain at odd hours of the day. You know the drill: You try to focus on something (or nothing), but then a hidden voice keeps lobbing projectiles over your consciously crafted walls, smashing everything you’ve so delicately set up.

Or, to take the analogy out of the Middle Ages and into our living rooms, sometimes it feels like you’re trying to watch a movie on your brain’s projector, but your subconscious changes the channel to some series called, “What If You’re A Fraud?” or…

Recently I’ve written about emotional caring through the lens of engaging with the world. And I’ve touched on accountability, authenticity, meaning, happiness and self-worth. I want to combine these into the Frankenstein of uncomfortable topics:

Our relationship with work.

Specifically, can you be good at your job without emotionally caring about it?

And better yet, can we create an approach to caring about our work that doesn’t involve the weight of passions or meaning?

Yes. Welcome to The Caring Quadrant.

Side bar: In order for this to make sense, we have to differentiate between two definitions of “caring.”

In a post late last year I wrote, “Accountability should be less a yoke on our lives, and more the reins to it.” I was trying to reframe it from something we have to do, to something we get to do.

The most popular response to that post was: “But how am I supposed to be accountable for something when I don’t entirely control the outcome?”

So I wanted to dive back into it.

It’s scary to take accountability for a project shrouded in unknowns, driven by a schedule you didn’t create, and impacted by people you don’t manage, aka…

Did you see Olivia Coleman’s acceptance speech at the Oscars last year? Watch it. It’s impossible not to love her. Why? Because there, onstage, in front of millions, she let us in. She trusted us with her unapologetic glee, and we, in return, couldn’t help but trust her for it.

In this 24/7 world of filters and followers and fakes, she seemed real, or as some love to say, “authentic.”

Although devious when describing anything other than a Ming vase or a Chicago hotdog, “authenticity” has been a hot word in a social context for several years. …

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If you’re like me and call yourself white, recently you’ve been listening to and educating yourself on systemic racism and what it means to be an anti-racist. You might have posted a black square on Instagram, you might be reading books on social justice, you might be donating to Black causes for the first time, you might be marching, or you might be fighting your part of the battle of equality one conversation at a time.

Awesome. Keep going.

In my quest to understand, I wanted to also lean into one of my…

We’re told that the difference between optimists and pessimists is what side of the coin they look at in a random situation. Is the glass half full or half empty? Was this a blessing in disguise or the universe sending a message?

We’re told that optimism is about staying positive, about being grateful for what you have, and about “looking at the bright side.”

Except that no, that’s not really it.

As my friend Jess Ekstrom, author of Chasing The Bright Side and creator of The Bright Side Conference, said in a recent interview, “Optimism is not about positivity, it’s…

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In the summer of 1940, after sweeping through Holland, Belgium and France, Hitler turned his sights to the United Kingdom. He didn’t want to have to invade, so he sent in his air force, the Luftwaffe, to rain hell from above and pound the Brits into submission.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.

This, of course, was the Battle Of Britain, or “The Blitz.”

Even though the British were caught flat footed at the outset, the Germans greatly underestimated the resiliency and industriousness of the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the British psyche as…

Malte Mueller/Getty Images/fStop

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COVID-19. It’s here. If you’re one of the lucky few who have a white collar-ish job and have the flexibility to work from home, you’re probably reading this in your PJ’s, hair disheveled, unfed, and utterly confused where the day went.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are 13 lessons from the kitchen table trenches. Enjoy.

Morning Routine

Keep your morning routine as if you were going to the office, minus the commute. If you shower in the morning, shower. If you eat before you leave the house, eat. Brush your teeth…

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